Thursday, March 19, 2009

I love my mom

I'm sorry if this comes off as a ramblings of sort, but I have a lot on my mind today. My mom started chemo today. She was diagnosed in January with Breast Cancer, and while I know the odds of her beating it is really good, it is still a scary time for all of us. The word "cancer" is not something that I like. It is scary, mean, horrible and life changing. Don't get me wrong- I am SO grateful for modern medicine and all that it can do to help my mom out right now. The alternative would be planning her funeral, I suppose.

I am hopeful for her future. My brother is getting married and 2 grandbabies are on the way. She is young (56) and still has a child living at home. There are several more of us to get married, and lots more babies in the future. She is strong, courageous and always positive. She has already been faced with struggles and challenges in her life- more than I would ever care to see. Her head is always held up high, and I am constantly amazed at the service she gives.

The first week of April will be bittersweet for me and her. She will be visiting us and since the effects of chemo will make her hair to start to fall out, she has asked us girls to shave her head. I know that it will be the hardest on her, but it makes me sad to think of her loosing her hair. I still don't have an image yet as to what she will look like- but I know that it will all be ok. For the occassion, we have decided to shave Duncan's hair as well; to show some support for Grandma. We already talked to him about it, and he just laughs when we tell him that he and Grandma will have matching bald heads!

I love my mom, and pray that she will make it through this just fine. She has an amazing testimony and love of our Saviour. I know that it what is helping her right now. Whatever does happen, I know will be part of the plan, and that we will all be OK- especially mom. Life is good, no matter what happens. :)


Joanie said...

Oh, Leanne, I had no idea! I'm so sorry that your mom has breast cancer. And, yes, cancer is a scary word. I am so grateful for all the modern ways of treating it and CURING it. You mom (and you ) will be in my prayers.
Love you,

Kerri said...

So you do have ablog! I found it! I'm sorry to hear about your mom and I truly hope she gets better so she can live a long life of watching her grandkids. Your kids are so cute!

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