Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Carrie and Duncan are obsessed with pirates, which is funny in itself... But apparantly Duncan knows what a pirate says... It is so cute. We were trying to get him to say hello because he says it "hewhoa", but we only got a hi.

Easter Fun at Aunt Cherilyn's house.

This year for Easter, we went up to Cherilyn's house and did an egg hunt there. The kids had a blast, and it was fun to be with Cherilyn, Riley and Kyle. I did realize though, that at these times, I miss my parents a ton and only wish that they could live out here for moments like these.
Carrie was having fun finding all of the eggs..
Duncan really enjoyed it as well. It is funny to see his little
body bending over to collect all the eggs.

He found one!
Carrie was excited to get a Dora bat.
Duncan thought it was hilarious to hide in Coppers dog-box. We had to drag him out as he wouldn't get out on his own!

I think that this is my favorite picture because Duncan thought that he could pick up whatever he wanted. So as you can see, he collected a dog toy during the egg hunt. He was so proud of it too!

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