Monday, June 30, 2008

Camping up Diamond Fork Canyon

We went to Diamond Fork Canyon this weekend for a quick overnighter. The weather was great~ nice and sunny with a cool breeze. There were some nasty looking bugs there, but no mosquitoes, thank goodness. We camped right next to the creek, and had lots of trees to use for shade if it got too sunny! The kids really had a blast and are such troopers! Ben, Rochelle & Grant came up late Friday night and we had a fun time with them as well. I didn't get any pictures from our rides b/c it was WAY dusty, and I didn't want to take my camera and run the risk of it getting ruined. (I have ruined a camera before from too many dusty trails) So, maybe next time, if we remember to put the rack bags on the 4 wheelers...

Enjoy these pics from the weekend!

Our tent (which we love) set up right by the creek. We were able to sit inside the tent in the middle of the day because it was shaded just right with a breeze coming thru the screen!

Scott, Duncan & Carrie on the 4-wheeler. They had so much fun with Daddy riding around camp and up & down the road. Carrie is getting quite good at controlling the trottle. (heaven help us) She thinks that she needs her own machine now. Maybe....

Carrie & Scott shooting mom's gun. She did rather well- hitting the coke can several times in a row!

Duncan & Scott shooting. Oh- and of course Copper. She has to be right there with you whenever the gun comes out. It is funny, but good for Scott since he is working with her to be his "hunting dog".

Carrie & Duncan sitting around the campfire. They love their tiny chairs to sit on. It makes them feel important~ or something.

Scott & Copper around the fire. He is always good to get a nice fire going. I'm starting to see his Boy Scout skills being put to good use!

Duncan asleep in his sleeping bag. I know that it is hard to see him, but Scott wouldn't let me take another picture of him for fear of him waking up from the flash! (yes, his sleeping bag is camo)

Carrie getting ready for bed in her sleeping bag. She loves sleeping in it and feeling like a big girl.

It isn't camping until the kids get dirty. You should have seen the bath water when we got home!

Duncan crashed before we even pulled out of the campsite. He slept the whole ride home, which made for a nice and quiet drive.

Sunday, June 22, 2008


We are so fortunate to live so close to many beautiful mountains! On Saturday, we loaded up the kids- including Copper and drove into Springville. We then went to Little Caesars and got a pizza and bread sticks and then headed east. Destination = Hobble Creek Canyon. We drove up there and then pulled off at a little field. The cows had been there with evidence of cow pies and the grass being only a few inches tall- as opposed to the knee high grass we had just passed.

We got out our chairs and then enjoyed the cool evening and pizza. We could have used some soda to wash it down with, but forgot to bring some! The kids had a riot in the dirt and finding sticks to throw to Copper. We then went down to creek and played some more with Copper and sticks. Although she is great at fetching the sticks, she has no clue that she needs to bring them back to Scott. So after throwing 20 or more sticks in the water, we headed back to the jeep where Scott shot is bow and then his handgun.

Here are some pics from the evening. We had a blast and hope to do this more often. We already have next weekend scheduled for camping and 4-wheeling up Diamond Fork Canyon. Stay tuned for more posts!
Carrie was smiling and when I asked her to open her eyes, this is the picture I got!

Scott and Duncan eating some pizza.
Copper swimming in the creek, waiting for Scott to throw another stick.

Carrie hates any loud noises, so when she saw the gun come out-
her fingers went into her ears!

I really don't like this picture of me, but since I hardly have any with the kids,
I thought that I 'd put it in....
Duncan's overalls fell down, so Carrie was helping him put them back on- kind of. It was so cute- she kept saying "Lift your leg up Duncan", but his shoe kept getting stuck so Carrie just took them off.
Scott shooting his gun, and Copper having to be right next him. In fact she kept nudging Scott in the butt with her nose everytime he shot. It was really funny to watch.

Scott picked this flower. I've never seen anything like it- it's so beautiful!

Carrie playing with the arrows. She was a good helper to pull them out of the target, and then flail them around like batons.

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