Wednesday, January 14, 2009


If you can't tell by the odd looking thing floating around on the page... I AM PREGNANT! We have been trying to get pregnant for nearly a year, so we are VERY happy to be bringing a new little one into the world. We are due August 24, 2009. My others were 3 weeks early, so who knows when I'll actually have the baby. From July 29-August 22 there are 6 birthdays in our family, so maybe this baby will share one with an aunt or uncle or grandpa or brother...

We don't find out what we are having, which is a lot of fun- and I recommend it to everyone. We've gotten by on getting clothes after the baby is born, and just deal with gender neutral jammies until then. I don't feel any less prepared for the birth by not having a decked out nursery or closet full of clothes. Since I have one of each, this transition will be a little easier.

I hope that everything goes well for the duration of the pregnancy. We had a scare last week which I'll share in another post, but have learned so much from it. Knowing that Heavenly Father is allowing Scott and I to take care of another one is overwhelming and wonderful.

Thank you for all your love and support! We love each and everyone of you! :)

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Joanie said...

Oh, oh, oh... I am so excited for your! My niece has one of these counters on her page. Great fun! Congratulations!

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