Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A summary...

I really suck at this blogging thing. I love reading everyone's blogs, but usually have no motivation to update mine.

I am going to post some pictures that summarize the last 2 months, and hopefully you will enjoy them.

Duncan was playing on the 4-wheeler in the garage when I asked him to get off. When I heard screaming, I ran out to find him stuck between the 4-wheeler and the lawn mower. When I picked him up, I noticed that he was now sporting a hole in his face. Off the ER we went where he got 8 stitches. He now has a nasty scar on his chin, but hey- it adds character, right?

Many of you know that my kids are obsessed with pirates, so it made perfect sense to dress them up as pirates. Reid and Cherilyn came down to do the "Trick-or-Treat" part, which was a lot of fun. We then met up with Riley and Alison and ended the evening at One Man Band. Yum.

I finally had to get Duncan's hair cut. When it was wet, the back touched his shoulders, and his sides were past his ears. Other than the curls going away, I was happy to get it cut. (Thanks Debra!) I just wasn't expecting him to look so grown up! We definately have NO babies at this house anymore...

I found Duncan had gotten into the HUGE bucket of flour that was in the kitchen. I didn't know whether to laugh or scream, so I opted to get a picture of him before I cleaned him up. Anytime the camera comes out, Carrie has to get in on the action, so this was her cute attempt at a photo with Duncan. I love it! They really are so cute together!

This was after the first snow fall for the year. Carrie was so excited to go outside with her new hat and gloves. I still can't get over how big she is getting. The other picture is me playing around with the camera. She had mascara on, and I was trying to get a close up of it. I love how it turned out. She is so beautiful!

Well, not a whole lot else has happened, except my deer hunt which was not documented (except a few on my phone) because our battery was dead, again! We really need to buy another one... I did kill a small 2x2, and am happy that we now have a freezer full of meat.

We are looking forward to the holidays this year, but are also sad that my parents will not be out here for it. We miss them tons, and hope they come out soon!


debra said...

Why didn't I clue into the fact that you have a blog, especially when you commented on mine a while back... DUH! Your kids are seriously so adorable and I'm so glad we got to see you last week!

Anna said...

Your kids are so cute.... sorry about the ER visit... yikes! Love the new hair cut too!!!

Joanie said...

Look at these precious children! They are so cute!!

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