Thursday, September 18, 2008

Long time, no post

I am almost embarrassed by how long it has been since I posted a good one. Life has been super crazy between 1 surgery, 1 hospital stay, 1 deer hunt, and well... just life.

I would post some pics of everything but I need to find my cord to the camera first. I did find it in the kids toy room when I reorganized everything, but I set it down and now I can't find it again. (the story of my life) When I find the cord, again, I will post some pics...

I will try to not be so long winded in updating all of us:

SCOTT: He just finished up a Bow hunt for deer, and while he didn't tag anything, he did have a ton of fun just getting out and being in the woods. He went to Monticello for the first part of the hunt and was missed terribly by his family. (thank you mom for all the babysitting you did while he was gone...) He is staying busy at the temple on Fridays, and working lots of overtime. Maybe one day he'll learn to relax and enjoy his time off without worrying about what has to be done next...

LEANNE: I have been crazy busy with school. (I still have all A's. yay) I am currently studying for my Radiology Tech Certification, and will soon take my CNA Certification. I have had the chance to do clinicals at a rest home in Sandy. While it has made me realize how much I want to be an RN and not work at a rest home the rest of my life, it has opened my eyes to things I haven't wanted to think about yet. 1st - I DO NOT want to get old. It just plain sucks to see all these residents who used to live full lives, now have to be spoon fed their puree'd food. 2nd- I will not put my parents in a rest home. I figure that because I am going in to nursing, I will volunteer myself to care for them when they get old(er). 3rd- When I do get old, and if my kids can't take care of me, just take me out back with a handgun. I don't want to spend the end of my life having crappy CNA's wipe my butt, or yelling at me because they have to give me a shower. No thanks... Anyway- life is good. I love learning, and am excited for my new classes to start again after a hard month of clinicals.

CARRIE: Well, we are officially not in diapers anymore. But that doesn't mean we have conquered potty training. While she uses the toilet for peeing, she flat out refuses to poop in the toilet, so I wash panties everyday... over and over again. I am praying that things click in her head one day with regards to pooping b/c I am so tired of washing panties! At then end of July, Carrie got a nasty virus that wiped her out. She wasn't getting any better, and after having a high fever for 2 days and becoming really dehydrated, her pediatrition admitted her to the hospital. She spent the night and the next day there getting lots of IV fluids to get her re-hydrated. Although she wasn't eating much, they felt comfortable in discharging her to get better. She recovered quickly, but we are very aware of the fact that this probably won't be her last hospital stay. (it was #2 for being dehydrated) Her doctor said that some kids just shut down when they are sick, and if they've been hospitilized once for dehydration, you can count on them going in again. That would be Carrie. YAY for insurance.

DUNCAN: At the beginning of July, Duncan had surgery to fix a problem called "trigger thumb". What is that, you ask? Basically, the tendons in his thumbs were kind of stuck in the sheath that surrounds them so his thumbs were locked in a bent position. The only way to straighten them was to manually extend them yourself which caused him a great deal of pain. So, we met with a doctor who recommended surgery to correct it. He had casts on both arms up to his elbows afterwards to keep his incisions clean and dry. They were bright orange, obnoxious, and ended up being weapons. I was happy to have them removed. He is such a trooper! I'm glad that I had them fixed because he now has full use of his thumbs, and even hyperextends them now. He also turned 2 yrs old July 29th. I am sad to not have a baby anymore. He is a lot of fun and tons of energy.... He keeps us all on our toes.

Well, I hope that you've been able to read everything without falling asleep... I will try to post pics ASAP. Our next big thing we are getting ready for is my hunt next month, and then before you know it, Christmas will be here...

Take care!

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The Young's said...

YAY for updated blogs! :) I really can't wait to see pictures of your cute kids.

BTW...I sent the costume yesterday. Let me know when you get it.

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