Sunday, May 25, 2008

So I got these fun potties at IKEA, and the kids were so excited to use them that they stripped down to nothing and sat down. It was too cute of a picture to pass up.

P.S. Duncan did go pee in the toilet a few minutes later. Pretty sure he'll be teaching Carrie how to use the bathroom!

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Scott and I were married in 2003. We had Carrie in 2004, Duncan in 2006 and just had Jack in July. We couldn't be happier. I am currently in school with the hopes of becoming a nurse. Scott works as a machinist. We love hunting, camping, and anything outdoors. We also love the gospel, and the light and joy it brings into our lives. We are striving everyday to be better parents, spouses & friends. Through the atonement, all things are possible.